Over the years I have been an avid photo and videographer.
Below you find a selection of school and freelance videos. 

Totem Pop (2016)

Camera: Stef Arends & Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Yannick Brouwer

This video was created for my master graduation project Totem Pop. It shows different scenarios to show how the health tracker can be used for research and more explorative fun stuff. The video was shot during a single day with some help of several friends.

The Electric Roadmovie (2015)

Camera: Wouter van der Wal, Gijs de Boer, Rachel Rietdijk, Joch Jansz, Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Wouter van der Wal, Gijs de Boer & Yannick Brouwer

As a group of friends we wanted to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of electric driving. We came up with the plan to roadtrip Europe in an electric car and created a pitch to various car manufacturers. In a Kia Soul EV we drove nearly 4500 km through 10 countries while we documented our experiences in this video. 

Rondom (2015)

Camera: Stef Arends & Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Stef Arends & Yannick Brouwer

For "Rondom Podotherapeuten" we created 12 short videos to show what patients can expect with different treatments. 

Oger (2013)

Camera: Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Wouter van der Wal & Yannick Brouwer

For Dutch menswear brand Oger, I created a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot for the "The Red" winter collection.  

Solutie (2013)

Camera: Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Mariella van Apeldoorn & Yannick Brouwer
Sound Design: Bart Soldaat & Yannick Brouwer

Solutie is a short film that was created by Mariella van Apeldoorn and me. It tells the story of a young couple that lives together but alone. If you listen closely you might even hear some of my music with computer orchestra's and all. 

Lucky Fonz III - Het Maakt Niet Uit

Camera: Kim Roozendaal & Yannick Brouwer
Editting: Kim Roozendaal & Yannick Brouwer

As final project at secondary school, Kim Roozendaal and I created a videoclip for Dutch artist Lucky Fonz III. The stopmotion video consists of 1800 still pictures and was promoted by recordlabel Top Notch. 


I hope you enjoyed this project.

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