In 'The Electric Roadmovie' we document our experiences driving 4486km through Europe with an electric car.

2 months freelance

Kia Netherlands

Gijs de Boer
Yannick Brouwer
Joch Jansz
Daphne Lamberts
Rachel Rietdijk
Wouter van der Wal


This project in 60 seconds

Back in early 2015, most car manufacturers had just released their first electric vehicle. I was excited about the development of electric vehicles as a sustainable alternative to gasoline cars, but most people in my environment were not yet convinced. The limited range of this generation of cars and slow charging were often mentioned as thresholds for starting electric driving. I didn’t yet have experience with electric driving and wanted to learn what the challenges and opportunities are for electric driving and the current infrastructure. As a group of friends, we came up with the plan of conducting a fully electric roadtrip and capturing our quest to share with others.

In 21 days, we traveled through 10 countries, used 44 chargers and nearly drove 4500km.


My role

I came up with the original idea, was involved in writing the proposals, blog updates, press releases and the final blogpost. During the trip I did a lot of the camerawork and back home I was one of the 3 editors responsible for the final video. 

The Pitch

We didn't have an electric car so we created a pitch video and website to send to various car manufacturers. The proposal: an electric car for three weeks in exchange for a movie about our trip. We were invited to 4 different brands to discuss the project and Kia was able to support us with a Kia Soul EV. If you want to see the pitch video below, use the password: electrip

The Trip

The 21st of July we took off. In 3 weeks we drove 4486 kilometers around Europe, a distance that wasn’t traveled before in an affordable electric car. While charging, which generally just took 30 minutes, we met fellow EV drivers, met people responsible for creating the charging network and updated our daily blog (NL) and Instagram.


The trip was a great way of immersing ourselves in a topic to gather a lot of insights in a short period of time. We learned why charging is generally free in Italy, why national service numbers won’t work as a payment method for foreigners and why your estimated distance and range should be close to each other on the dashboard. Read more of our insights in this detailed blog post.

When we returned safe and sound we started editing the video, creating press releases and writing down our insights in a blog post. In addition to our own publications, our story was covered in national newspapers in The Netherland and South Africa and on a variety of blogs including CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, Bright and Want. But in the end, the most rewarding part of the project were all the responses by email, Twitter and on Facebook from people around the world that got excited by our story.

I hope you enjoyed this project.

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